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Product Name NAC-12 ACRYLIC COLORS 12C
Description Acrylic Paints are a late-20th century invention of artistic medium. It features very consistent color tones & brightness. Compared with oil paints (which also feel thick), acrylic paint does not have to go with any medium oils. Besides, for being water-based, acrylic paint shows no irritating odor.
Color / Size 12 colors
Product NO 3203109A
Item NO. NAC-12
Packing Packing: 6 sets/Inner box; 60 sets/Master carton
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Recent years have seen more and more extensive applications of acrylic paints. A remarkable one is with mimicking the texture of oil paints. By thick color piling or thin wet wash, it shows a strong artistic appeal. Besides, acrylic paints boast advantages over oil in fast drying, odorless, and high color saturation.

In addition to applying thick or thin layers (like oil paint) or POP-style flat wash, Acrylic color, due to its high water solubility, can work with many watercolor techniques. When you "wash" a big area, add lots of water so as that color would not dry too fast (but not too much water, which might over-reduce color saturation). Be careful when using techniques like wet-in-wet, glazed wash, or over-lapping as acrylic color may not be so easily controlled like watercolors.