Product Name HP-12 HARD PASTEL 12C
Description Strong tones. High adhesion. Similar to the effect of wax crayon. High hardness and strength against fracture. Suitable for children. Unique square shape that works for both details and large-scale drawing. Excellent for color sketch and detailed drawing. Recommended to be used together with soft pastel.
Color / Size 12 colors
Product NO 3204241A
Item NO. HP-12
Packing Packing: 12 sets/Inner box; 72 sets/Master carton
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Rectangular shape, easy to grip and draw.

PASTEL PAINTING TECHNIQUE 1. How to grip - Hold a pastel gently with only the thumb and index finger near the end that draws. This will help you avoid fracture of pastel and draw with less effort. 2. Sidestrokes - Cut a suitable length of pastel and then draw with the side of it to make a band of color. 3. To color big area - To draw with the side of pastel can make a larger colored area. 4. Highlight - Use lighter, brighter colors of pastel to draw on darker colors to make strong, highlighted outline. 5. Outlining - Make an outline by drawing with edge of hard pastel. 6. Pointillism - Making dots by using the tip of pastel. 7. Making pastel powders - Gently scratch the pastel to make some color powder. 8. Rub - Rub the powder on paper with your finger, a tissue paper, or a brush to blend colors. This will make colors look even and tones tender. Good for large-area coloring. 9. Paper Pen - Rub details with a paper pen. 10. Eraser - By erasing pastel colors drawn with an eraser, make highlighted lines. Kneadable eraser can also work well. You can easily tear off a suitable size of kneadable eraser dough for rubbing smaller area of colors. 11. Pastel to work with other coloring materials - You can use soft and hard pastel together with oil pastels, colored pencils, etc., to make different textures on your works.